Up and In - EP

by Sam Pence

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Madison Miranda
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Madison Miranda A friend on posted a cover this artist did on facebook & i just fell in love with his voice! <3 Favorite track: Wake Up.
Ben Dunsmuir
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Ben Dunsmuir Gentle crafted melodies, beautiful genuine vocals, and an acoustic thoughtfulness weaves this little collection of songs into something deeply enjoyable. Thanks Sam! :) Favorite track: Wake Up.
Alec Gorge
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Alec Gorge I absolutely love this EP and can't wait to see more stuff from Sam in the future. Favorite track: Loose Ends.
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***All proceeds from this EP will be donated to Riley Children's Foundation, which benefits Riley Children's Hospital and affiliated programs in Indianapolis, Indiana.***

"Up and In" is the debut EP from Indianapolis-based singer/songwriter Sam Pence. Find him on facebook here: www.facebook.com/sampencemusic


released August 19, 2013

All songs written, recorded and produced by Sam Pence
Album art by Amer Abu Khajil

Many thanks to all friends and family who have lent generous support and encouragement throughout this project. I love you all and hope you enjoy the music!
Special thanks to my brother Tallal for letting me use his closet as a recording studio :)



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Sam Pence Indianapolis, Indiana

Sam Pence is a 22-year-old singer/ songwriter from the great state of Indiana.

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Track Name: Wake Up
Eyes shut, like rainy windows
Drops swimming like tiny minnows
Sunlight peeks under my pillow
Like "ho hey, welcome to a new day"
And with these feathers in my bed
And all this fog inside my head
I could fly away from here
To a cloud in my mind,
But I know that I am gonna have to

Wake up, wake up, ahhh
I'm gonna have to to wake up, wake up, ahhh
I never wanna wake up, wake up, ahhh
Never wanna wake up

So I lie here in yellow floodlights
Rise up in a stormy sunrise
And they always told me I'll never fit in
'Cause I don't wanna get up, but I'll never give in
But this day is calling my name
Who am I to blame?


Such a beautiful day... (x5)
Track Name: Loose Ends
You got to stop stressin' me
Or else we going to have a catastrophe
And I told you to rest in peace
But as of late I've been here writing songs like these
So it's back to whatever I said
Something about what I can't remember I did
'Cause I never undid the yes, no's and maybe's
And now my loose ends got me going crazy, baby
Now I'm telling me just to let it go
But something in your eyes pull me in like a belly roll
Mistaking you for love but I think I might like it more
Say you ain't on my page, you don't know you're the centerfold
Now what's a boy to do?
Gotta stop waitin' around 'till I'm bored with you,
But I'm feeling kinda funky 'cause I'm sore with you,
I'll explain in the chorus, boo

And I'm feeling like I'm touching your heart and your heart's touching me
But it might just be the loose ends we forgot to cut between
So I say yeah, so I say yeah
And I'm looking from the inside but I wonder what it seems
'Cause I just don't know if I want you for you or you for me
So I say yeah, so I say yeah

So I say, stop this, need a little more conscience
I've held too long, yeah I know I should drop this
But I got a confession I gotta just shout
And it's burning a hole in my head until it get out
But it's so hard to dedicate to you
When you're turning your back on everything I do
Like will you even hear me if I tell the truth
And say I might still want you?
So now I'm feeling pathetic but I'm apathetic that now you know
Pride to the side and hoping I won't end up below
Got a few things that I wish had been said before
But that doesn't matter anymore
'Cause I'm vilified for nine types of narrow-minded vicing
Possibly justified but now I find I'm splicing
All the rhythm and rhyme I can get in my mind
To let you know I just can't decide, whether I'm


And I just don't know how to show what I can't describe...
But I feel I need you to see what's behind these eyes...

So bring it down, turn it around, I'm ready for your move
Got a feeling I'm at the ceiling but I can break through
So right now, I'm asking "how?", and tryin' to make room
And I know that the answer's you
And so I'm looking at you right now, somehow I need a sign
Do you ever take a pause and just press rewind?
Gotta know if you're mine, yeah I'm losing my mind
'Cause girl I'm through with the ambiguity every damn time I'm

Track Name: Drink You In
Look at you smiling with your eyes, baby
I'm sure to lose another night
This time I'm ready to give in, baby
One last try, both of us can win

Yeah you left a smile spilled on my face, 'cause your
Heart's sweet like pink lemonade, and
I won't give up, no, 'till I drink you in

Well I called you beautiful, but I didn't know the half
Never thought you'd fill my soul with the way you make me laugh
And I know you're something lovely, just what I'm searching for
But do you think that there could be somebody to make you something more?

Yeah, I fell asleep in a summer shade and I
Dreamed that we were sailing away, and
I won't wake up, no, 'till I drink you in
Track Name: Untitled
You know there's a better life than sleeping on your feet
Deep breath and you count to ten, but there's no one to see
Speak soft but it's softer than, it's softer than the sea

Walk into my arms again, it's just another dream
I know it's been harder than you'll ever make it seem
Speak soft to me as you fall, as you fall asleep,
I'll hear

Will you be better than yourself?
Can you be good for someone else?
Are you still the wonder and the wealth of the world?

Come close and remember me, bring me to a home
You said we can remedy, but I am so alone
Two worlds that I'm in between, but I've never known,
I've never known

And one gone leaves another lost with something to be felt
You said I could do it all and stand here by myself
But this time I can only fall, fall into my swell,
And disappear... and I'm trying to yell

Will you be the savior from myself?
Have you been here since I first knelt?
Forgive me, for I have not forgiven you (x2)

...For I have not forgiven you...
...For I have not forgiven you...
...For I have not been given you
Track Name: Seagulls
If raindrops carry tears
Of generations here long ago
Then I can sleep more soundly
As the storm outside surrounds these cold windows
My restless head won't cease,
And tonight I won't sleep quietly
For it's filled itself with you,
And although I know the truth, I believe

The song that you sing
Will endlessly ring in my ear
And when I close my eyes
And whisper all my lies, you appear
So scatter me at sea
Under cloudy symphonies and silent swords
And if seagulls still fly
When the cold winds arrive, I'll be yours